Facebook is simple, you update your wall and people will flock to your page and respond, right? Wrong. There is a huge difference between "I have a Facebook Page" and "I use my Facebook Page to connect with customers and grow my business". Social media for business is no longer optional. It's an essential way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand. Check out these 5 easy ways to increase engagement.

1. Add more to your 'About' section than just basic information
Don't underestimate the 'About' section of your Facebook page - it may be one of the first places your customers look to learn about you. Think about what you can add that's unique to your business and story:
  • Mission Statement - Why do you get up and do what you do every morning?
  • Milestones - When were you founded? Did you win a "Best in Business" award? If so, when?

2. Use images
If you're trying to get more engagement, images are a great way to tell stories quickly and powerfully and thereby get more exposure in the news feed. Take the time to brand your photos with your company's logo. Everyone who sees your great picture on Facebook will know it's coming from you.

3. Determine the ideal timing and frequency for your posts
Try posting at different times of the day and night to see when people interact with your posts the most.
  • Do you get more "likes" but fewer "shares" in the morning?
  • Are pictures you post during lunch getting comments?
  • Are your images getting more attention on the weekdays or weekends?

4. Ask their opinion
Every customer wants to be heard and questions let them use their voice in the form of comments. Ask your fans to share their preferences, help you name a product, or describe memories and moments associated with your brand.

5. Pin important posts to the top of your page
Your Facebook timeline shows the newest posts at the top and the oldest at the bottom. Chances are, your customers won't be scrolling that far down your page to see an important post. Facebook lets you "pin" an important post to the top of your timeline. Use this feature for things like:
  • New hours for the holiday or off-season.
  • Specials and promotions, especially ones with limited-time offers.
  • Upcoming events.

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