Throughout the past year, Snapchat has begun to lose its reputation when it comes to popularity across the different social media platforms. Snapchat has yet to prove its usefulness for marketing brands. Even though the opportunity of building an audience and engagement is present, it still does not cater to businesses and does not offer any value or metrics to back them. Snap still has not developed much in the way of analytics, tracking, or business tools for companies looking to make Snapchat a viable marketing channel.

Sales team vs. Marketing team

Frequently, the sales and marketing departments have struggled to work alongside one another. Many times, both departments have set similar goals and work with the same clients making it difficult to avoid certain tension that may occur. Since sales and marketing teams do have similar job functions, hitting goals, contacting leads, and making sure the client is getting exactly what they want, it is important that these teams work hand in hand and deem them as one unified revenue generation team.

Tracking Digital ads

The first banner ad to go live was back in October 1994. This was when the importance of a “click-through-rate” was born. The game changing feature allowed businesses to finally track their digital ads and click back conversions on a website. Measuring advertising with Google Analytics and conversion tracking has come a long way since then and because of the convenience of Google reporting, marketers neglect to look at the entire conversion path from start to finish.

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