Digital Marketing Trends

Navigating the world of marketing trends can be confusing, one minute something is a must have and then next you’re supposed to move onto something bigger and better. In a world where media rules everything, you need to stay on top of trends and how they’ll help take your business to the next level. Here are a few trends that will see a surge in 2019.

Video is King

In 2015, the Washington Post predicted that 80% of the entire internet would be online video by 2020, and we’re definitely on that track. We live in a world where we want important information instantly, which is supported by the ever-shrinking attention span. While video can help boost your brand, it needs to be done right. It won’t help your bottom line if it isn’t giving your customers what they want. Figure out what customers are craving and add it into strategic places, such as an email, and you could see your click-through rate increase by 200–300% according to HubSpot.

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Voice for Search-Marketing

While voice technology is annoying to most, it’s predicted to only get bigger and better, which is why marketing professionals need to sit up and take notice. One way you can prepare for this big trend is to optimize your web content to be more conversational. Think about how different a search will be if someone is saying it versus typing it. Optimize your site for mobile if you haven’t already, as that will be a huge contributing factor in how easily it is for people to find and navigate your website.

Native Advertising is a Must

More and more people are getting annoying with pop-ups and banner ads, which is why marketing professionals need to figure out how to incorporate their ads into their content in a more natural way. This is where native advertising comes in. This allows businesses to become less annoying to consumers, and blend their advertising in seamlessly with content they’ve already created.

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